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In the present era, there are so many opportunities for people to make money online without any investment. All you have to do is consider a few notions for earning online and you can earn a handsome amount every month. Here are some top ideas of how to make money online without any investment.

Work As A Freelance Writer


The first idea is that you can consider signing up with a writing website. If you have proper writing skills then you can easily earn through writing. There are many writing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Freelance through which you can get work and earn a good amount of money. The best part about this type of work is that you don’t have to invest any money in it and you can utilize your writing skills and earn good revenue. Another advantage is that there are websites where you can write on any topic and people bid on that article so you can sell it for the best price.

The advantages of being a freelance writer are:

  • They can work at any time they like
  • They can write on any niche they find interesting.
  • They can take weekly or monthly payments.

Paid Online Survey Sites

The second idea is to consider online survey sites. There are many websites which offer online surveys where people get paid or get other prizes for giving their opinions about different businesses and companies. This can be an interesting way of earning money. Make sure that you search online for websites which are reliable in this service, as there are many websites that offer such services, but can be scams as well. So it’s best that you go for the ones which are reliable by searching their credibility online.

Start A Blog And Earn Through It


The best way to earn online is by creating a blog or website that allows you to earn money through the display of advertisements or by selling different products and services. You can start a blog in any niche you like, for example: how to make money online, pet’s blog, travel blog, food blog etc. But once you start your blog you must work on it for 3-4 months and grab the attention of the audience. The main reason many new bloggers stop blogging is due to the lack of audience, but no matter what, you should keep working on your blog for 3-4 months and post one blog daily to grab the attention of the audience.

Logo Designing

Logo designing is quite a popular way of earning online these days and can be easily handled by everyone from students, housewives to freelancers. You can easily find logo designing jobs on the above mentioned platforms or on different job websites. By designing a logo for a business, you can earn a handsome amount and all it requires a good command in Photoshop.

Managing Social Media Pages


We all know that this era and the future belong to the world of social media.  Facebook and other social media pages like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ are a good way for you to earn money. Many companies need a social media manager to handle their social media pages for them; all it requires is time, dedication and managing skills. If you have all these you can easily earn through managing social media pages.

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

Another idea of earning money online is by doing affiliate marketing; this type of work doesn’t require any investment. With affiliate marketing you can make money online by promoting the businesses of different companies. There are many companies that offer “Become an Affiliate” option through which people can promote their products from their own websites or blogs and earn commission if anyone goes to that website from their link. This is a way of getting more customers, but through this online work you can easily earn money.

Besides the fact that these online ventures don’t require any money spending in order to make money online, however, one should understand this fact that it will take some time in earning online. Also, at times the results can be different in different cases, but they cannot be guaranteed. Nonetheless, working online through any of the above given ideas is still a good thing if you want to make extra money apart from the work that you are already doing.

These are a few options for making money online without any investment. There are other options as well, but these are the ones which can be easily handled. Just keep this in mind that the result may not be instant, but over the time you will start seeing the benefits and earn good amount of revenue.

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