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We all delay works, works that are important to us and need our immediate attention. People do it and may not even know it. Even we know the fact that such delays will end up in situations where we will find no way out. But still we keep on creating piles of ‘undone’ urgent works and do less important one. I believe many people are unaware that preferring unimportant work over important one is procrastination. Of course, we all have a tendency to procrastinate important projects while doing something funny or even doing nothing. Many of us come up with lame excuses like too tired, do it tomorrow, too stressed, too busy, uncertain, late for this etc. But these reasons are not valid enough. One who procrastinates is well aware of the stress and pain that procrastination brings, along with the risk of failure.

Why we procrastinate?

According to many research into procrastination, 20% of people were found to be severe procrastinators. I admit I do procrastinate myself too and know the fact that everyone does it, but the simple question is why we do it? What leads us to put things off and leave to other day? Here are some reasons I found out during research on this topic.

1. We find tasks non-interesting

Most of the time, we delay projects because we found them quite non-interesting. They bore us and we tend to do something more interesting like watching movie, talking to friend, listening music etc. And surprisingly sometimes sitting idle is more interesting besides the fact that some projects need our attention. This situation can be tackled by positive reinforcement like rewarding yourself after completing the task. Promise yourself to watch a movie, go out with friends or anything that motivates you after particular task is done.

2. Projects seem quite big

Truly speaking some projects are hard to do and quite large enough that makes us procrastinate. We see them as huge and find them unmanageable so we leave them doing later. The simple solution for this is breaking down the task into small pieces of work. By doing a large project step by step will make it easier and more manageable.

3. Perfectionism can be an obstacle

Your perfectionism can be a hurdle in the way of completing work on time. You will not always get perfect time to make a perfect shot. Trust me imagination is good but reality is cruel; you have a perfect image for your project but sometimes let things go other way. Deviation from idealism is not so bad than doing nothing. So, complete imperfect task is far better than incomplete task.

4. Laziness

Being lazy is the top most reason for procrastinating things. It’s understandable that sometimes you don’t feel like doing something. If this occurs sometimes then it is okay. But if this has become your habit than it’s an alarming situation for you and all you need is to push yourself.

5. Fear

Fear is an important factor to let people delay doing something really meaningful to them. The fear of failing often cling us and we become unproductive in our lives. Most of the time we assure ourselves that one day timing will be good, circumstances will be favorable and we will be more confident to do it. Truth is facing fear of failure is the best way to combat it so overcome your fear and swing into high gear.

6. Lack of self-control

Self-control is indeed necessary to get work done because people who are not disciplined are mainly procrastinators too. However, everyone has various levels of self-control but time comes when lack of self-control hinder your productivity too.
We have to pay big costs of procrastination and one of them is health. Our health started to deteriorates when we continue procrastinating things. Ultimately, we find ourselves under the heap of numerous tasks and limited time. So, as said ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ so do it todays as it’s now or never.

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