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A mother accompanied with her baby attends a movie at the cinema 'The Movies' in Amsterdam. From now on, the cinema offers an special program for parents who want to watch the movies with their babies.  =

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Lets be focused from the beginning that it’s not the “effect of cinema”. It is about the “influence of cinema” and that is not the same thing. It’s easy for everyone to purge the effect but is hard to ignore the “influence”. Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or the behavior of someone or something. Influence is the dominating force that drives your thoughts and ideas. And one must strongly believe that effect lasts ten years; influence at least a hundred.

You must agree agree that cinema has great influence on us. But “what is a cinema? Even a gullible will know that cinema is a place where we watch movies. True and accepted, but what do we mean when we say “influence of cinema? “. Many will ask that even watching movies can have an influence, yes it can. We all know about the saying that “seeing is believing”. We believe what we see. You can easily forget what you hear but to forget what you see is not a simple job.

Cinema Control Minds:

Cinema is one of the most powerful mediums to control human mind. As said by Jean- Luc Godard “cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”. Cinema makes you forget who are you, what are you and where are you sitting. It can be proved very effortlessly. We all have come across situations in which we see a couple watching a romantic movie, after sometime we see that they are holding hands, Looking at each other while listening to a passionate song and last but not the least the female partner puts her head on her partner’s shoulder. People must have seen all this in all cinemas but what so bad in it…. If a simple movie is providing one with a chance to spend a valuable time with her partner its totally accepin the cinematable. Because we do not know what fight they had before coming and that small song has awaken the feelings in hearts of both of them that they will cherish for long.

Not even this, we all indulge in movies to this extent that emotional scenes make us cry, action scenes make us fight, powerful music gives us Goosebumps ,the charisma of romantic heroes make us all fall in love and the 3D revolution made us a part of the movies and we felt them in all ways possible. Watching things have an effect but watching things big have an influence and cinema is basically the most powerful tool to feel the influence.

Enjoying The Influence of Cinema:

People will agree that cinema makes us enjoy the influence.  It is a source of refreshment for whole family and our mates. A cool ambiance, a comic movie and bunch of friends….. What else could one ask for. But cinema theaters have much turned into dating points for youngsters which is not good for this industry. It’s not about everyone but there are some people who even use this family entertainment place for their dark purposes and we all condemn that. There are a number of adolescents who go to cinema not to watch movies but to sit with their partners for three hours in a dark room with dim light. Another problem is this that most of the movies either lolly, bolly or holly wood are not the family movies. In 80s or even after that families never used to sit and watch a kissing scene together but now families are forced to sit in cinema and watch movies filled with hot scenes and vulgar dialogues in the name of development of film industry because cinema is the only place where whole family can sit a share the same experience as they all are doing the same thing.. This negative trait of vulgarity is effecting our social and moral values.

Movies should better be made with the view of making world a better place not to destroy it. So we should support those movies which are interesting, funny, teaching, romantic yet clean.

Movie and popcorn go hand in hand:

There was a time when watching movies in cinema was an economical source of recreation but now it’s a filthy expensive leisure. Ticket of 550, popcorns of 300, drink of 150 and if you are having nachos for family then you will be coming home with an empty wallet. Even the big food chains like Fat burger, McDonald or Burger King have their franchises in famous cinemas. One can enjoy a good movie only while eating popcornin the cinema 2 so at least they shouldn’t be this much expensive. All other items can have a greater price but fries and popcorn should be reasonably priced.

Cinema is not a theater:

People who have interest in theater will say yes to it that cinema is not a modern form of theater. Gael Garcia Bernal quotes that “In Mexico Theater is very underground, so if you are a theater actor it’s very difficult to make a living. But it’s also a very beautiful pathway to knowledge and to open education”. Cinema is nowhere near to that. Cinema is not a tool of any kind of education but still it makes our mind more open and accepting towards things.

We all should go to cinema and spend a quality time there but we better not make it a status symbol, we should rather make it more affordable so that we can attract more people towards this industry. Along with this we should also visit our lawns, parks and historical buildings to have good family time as they have our culture, our religion our social and moral values and our true color. Watching movies is a good fun but our kids have to know about our culture too so if we go for a movie we should also stopover these places so that we enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.

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