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Alan Rickman

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman was very famous English director and actor, popular for his astounding acting style among his fans. He was renowned for his variety of roles on screen. He was also the leading member of Royal Shakespeare Company performing contemporary as well as classical theatre productions. Alan Rickman was one of the famous […]

Amazing Tricks to Learn Any Language

The majority of individuals think that learning a new language is time consuming and difficult thing to do. However, learning a new language is fun that comes with implausible benefits including cultural knowledge, brain performance and golden career opportunities. In simple words, language learning is an exciting task full of knowledge and pleasure. In fact, […]

Introverts and Extroverts People are Different

The majority of individuals seem baffled, when it comes to differentiate between extroverts and introvert. Well, the difference between an introvert and extrovert is surprising. In fact, they generally don’t understand each other. However, science has revealed some interesting facts about the behavior of these two to remove misconceptions about them. How Introvert and Extrovert […]

3 Ideal Travel Mementoes

Traveling around the world in order to see new and exotic locations has become trend among people. No doubt, world is full of beauty and marvels, and everybody has right to enjoy such natural exoticness from close. Traveling for the sake of beauty and wonders is ideal enough, but did you ever think to keep […]

Tips to Face Your Fears

Everyone is afraid including me and you. It is a universal truth that we all born with few weaknesses and fears inside us. However, it does not mean not to overcome those fears. The only difference between a loser and winners is that they are always ready to put effort to accomplish their goals. Simple, […]

Reasons Why Traveling is a Valuable Activity

Traveling is an adventurous activity but at the same time, it is not less than a real nightmare. Obviously, unknown destinations, changeable weather conditions, currency exchanges, dreadful diseases, unknown ways and much more, anything can go severely off beam. Still, with all these possible drawbacks, traveling all around the world is an activity full of […]


Media has great impact on the minds of children and adolescents. The reason is great exposure of children to television and other media like internet. Children love cartoons and watch TV more than 7 hours a day since cartoons are fun. They are quite away from real life’s hardships and that is the most important […]


From last few years, Dubai has grown massively with respect to population, glamour and size. Therefore, individuals looking for lifetime pleasure, especially tourists should visit this city of wonders and marvels. In simple words, Dubai is a city that can hypnotize your senses with its wonderful architecture, skyline, classy brunches, beaches and much more. In […]

Mobile Phone a Necessity or Fashion

In current world, mobile phone is not only a necessity but more or less, it becomes a fashion among people. With the emerging scope of communication technology, mobile phone becomes a basic need of everybody; especially its use is quite common among youngsters. No doubt, we all are fond of mobile phones, as we can […]