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Human beings are wired for connection. When we disconnect, we go into crisis. Human interaction as it was once known will no longer be part of our civilization. The depth and wisdom of knowing each other will vanish with pushing fingers on a keyboard as opposed to looking into the eyes of each other and […]

Ways to make Money Online

Internet becomes one of the basic necessities of human being. You can check mails, shop online for various occasions, Chat with Loved ones on Skype, Use Google for different searches and can also earn money without going outside. In short, you can do so much through the internet. There are plenty of websites and writing blogs […]

How to Become an Expert in Article Writing

In modern world, social media and its usage become quite common, especially among youngsters. Well, one of the best things about social media is that it played a great role in finding out some talented writers. It is true that nowadays most of the writers just write to earn good money, but still there are […]

Steps to Balance Career and Health

The start of a new year gives us the hope and golden chance to change our life by making it more healthy and prosperous. No doubt, everybody wants to achieve his/her particular goals. But, wait! In order to achieve your objectives, you need to be passionate as well as physically fit. In simple words, you […]

Amazing Tricks to Learn Any Language

The majority of individuals think that learning a new language is time consuming and difficult thing to do. However, learning a new language is fun that comes with implausible benefits including cultural knowledge, brain performance and golden career opportunities. In simple words, language learning is an exciting task full of knowledge and pleasure. In fact, […]

Main Issues Facing Modern Feminism

The term “FEMINISM” refers to the movement and ideology that emphasis on a common goal to achieve equal cultural, personal, educational, economical, political and social rights for women. It would not be wrong to say that women are playing a vital role in the success of any nation. However, still there are certain things that […]

Introverts and Extroverts People are Different

The majority of individuals seem baffled, when it comes to differentiate between extroverts and introvert. Well, the difference between an introvert and extrovert is surprising. In fact, they generally don’t understand each other. However, science has revealed some interesting facts about the behavior of these two to remove misconceptions about them. How Introvert and Extrovert […]

A mother accompanied with her baby attends a movie at the cinema 'The Movies' in Amsterdam. From now on, the cinema offers an special program for parents who want to watch the movies with their babies.  =

Lets be focused from the beginning that it’s not the “effect of cinema”. It is about the “influence of cinema” and that is not the same thing. It’s easy for everyone to purge the effect but is hard to ignore the “influence”. Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or […]


A human is a compound of different feelings and sentiments. He has a sense and understanding of different emotions. A man can easily differentiate between the feeling of affection and love and he can have two different reactions of almost same feelings. With all this a human has another quality and that is to hide […]