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A human is a compound of different feelings and sentiments. He has a sense and understanding of different emotions. A man can easily differentiate between the feeling of affection and love and he can have two different reactions of almost same feelings. With all this a human has another quality and that is to hide […]

Best and Worst Nuts for Your Life

A nut is a type of fruit covered with a hard shell commonly used in salads and sweets worldwide. A recent study has shown that nuts have numerous nutrition credentials that can save human beings from many dreadful diseases. All of us know that healthy life is truly a blessing, so this is the right […]


These days our youth, who is our present and our future, is facing numerous issues like lack of opportunities, illiteracy, unemployment and many others. But my point is that problems come to change us, mostly they are there to make us more powerful, may be be more understanding towards life but what I have experienced is […]

How to get your way with body language

Are you familiar with your body language? Are you aware of your gestures, expressions, body posture and eye contact? Or the vibes you convey to others in the form of your body language? Well, majority of individuals don’t bother about it. A recent research has shown that around 50 to 60% of human communication occurred through […]

Is happy life different from meaningful life

Is happy life different from meaningful life? A query that runs in everybody’s mind nowadays. For majority of individuals, feeling happy and looking for meaningful life is both essential and interlinked. However, do really happiness and meaningful life interlinked with each other? It seems not. There is a huge difference between happy and meaningful life that […]

Golden Rules of Being in a New Relationship

It is pretty obvious that start of any relationship can be a tricky thing for everyone. The majority of males doesn’t understand what a woman desire or think that often becomes the reason of various arguments and problems. It would be great to set few basic rules for each other before starting a new relationship […]

3 Ideal Travel Mementoes

Traveling around the world in order to see new and exotic locations has become trend among people. No doubt, world is full of beauty and marvels, and everybody has right to enjoy such natural exoticness from close. Traveling for the sake of beauty and wonders is ideal enough, but did you ever think to keep […]

Tips to Face Your Fears

Everyone is afraid including me and you. It is a universal truth that we all born with few weaknesses and fears inside us. However, it does not mean not to overcome those fears. The only difference between a loser and winners is that they are always ready to put effort to accomplish their goals. Simple, […]

Reasons Why Traveling is a Valuable Activity

Traveling is an adventurous activity but at the same time, it is not less than a real nightmare. Obviously, unknown destinations, changeable weather conditions, currency exchanges, dreadful diseases, unknown ways and much more, anything can go severely off beam. Still, with all these possible drawbacks, traveling all around the world is an activity full of […]