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Media has great impact on the minds of children and adolescents. The reason is great exposure of children to television and other media like internet. Children love cartoons and watch TV more than 7 hours a day since cartoons are fun. They are quite away from real life’s hardships and that is the most important […]

Habits That Help You Live Longer

Everybody of us wants to live a long and healthy life, but it can’t be possible without healthy diet, happiness and exercise. The world where we are living is full of pollution; in fact, it would not wrong to say that the way of living changes that are dramatic. However, still there are few healthy […]

Accessories are like Vitamins to Fashion

Undoubtedly, fashion becomes one of the basic necessities of modern man. However, few people think that fashion just means to wear branded clothes, or to appear versatile, but wait! You are forgetting something. Your entire personality is incomplete without stylish accessories. As Anna Dell Russo said: “Accessories are like Vitamins to Fashion, You should use […]


From last few years, Dubai has grown massively with respect to population, glamour and size. Therefore, individuals looking for lifetime pleasure, especially tourists should visit this city of wonders and marvels. In simple words, Dubai is a city that can hypnotize your senses with its wonderful architecture, skyline, classy brunches, beaches and much more. In […]

Mobile Phone a Necessity or Fashion

In current world, mobile phone is not only a necessity but more or less, it becomes a fashion among people. With the emerging scope of communication technology, mobile phone becomes a basic need of everybody; especially its use is quite common among youngsters. No doubt, we all are fond of mobile phones, as we can […]


A nightmare is very stressful dream that normally disturbs the sleep of a person. In fact, forces someone to get awake from deep sleep. The dreamer usually feels different disturbing situations in a nightmare, like sadness, anxiety, guilt, aggression and depression. Nightmares are different for every person; in fact, it would not wrong to say […]


There are still few individuals on this planet who haven’t heard about Google. However, here are some intriguing or you can say interesting facts about Google, the most prominent search engine that you may not aware of. First go to Google homepage. Now type “I want to do suicide”. Over all the indexed lists, Google […]

Things Make A Pakistani Girl’s World Fall Apart

Let’s have a look on few Things Make A Pakistani Girls World Fall Apart. They look funny, but they are facts and you must agree being a Pakistani. When your mother will never allow you to wear sleeveless Nowadays, every girl wants to wear sleeveless dresses, but Pakistani mother never let you wear such outfit. […]

Boxing Gloves

A Perfect pair of quality boxing gloves is required by every boxer, whether you are an expert or beginner. In fact, selecting the right pair of boxing gloves is your first step towards success. Choosing the wrong gloves will seriously affect your game and can also injured your hands badly. History and Revival of Boxing […]