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Privacy Policy

At TopicTray we consider our readers and subscribers of high importance. We understand the necessity of your privacy, so we would like to explain you briefly how we protect your personal information and for the peace of your mind, we would like to inform you that we don’t share your information with third parties.

Personal Information Attained By TopicTray:

When you as a user access our website, we need to monitor several types of data. These may comprise: IP address, ISP, Location, Your Name, Browser used for opening the website, the time duration you stayed on the website, the content or articles you browsed and any other information that we are legally allowed to take. Rest assure that every website in the world has to do this, some websites will inform you when you open their site while others won’t. We have an authorized responsibility to accept by this rule. We will never rent, sell or release your personal information to any outside third parties.

How Your Cookies Are Helpful In Showing Advertisements (to you)

TopicTray uses third party advertisements to support the monthly costs of the company. These advertisements use certain technology such as your cookies; these cookies help in giving the companies information on what to show you.

These advertising companies use information regarding your browsing habits and on the type websites and products you have searched. So that it can show you meaningful advertisements of products or services that you are interested in.

If you want to learn more about how this system works, while also being aware of your preferences and not wanting your personal information disclosed to other companies you can email us at:

In case you have any other inquiries or concerns; you are always welcome to send an email to us at the above given email address.